About Us

Buthello Travels is a company established to provide transport solutions to corporate companies and individuals in and around Mumbai. We own and operate one of the largest fleets of buses in Mumbai. The company has been serving its customers for over four decades and continues to do so with utmost care and professionalism. Since its inception, it has grown in strength to a large fleet of buses, luxury cars and transport trucks.

Providing Personal, Group, Short & Long Distance Transportation Services In Your Area

Established in 1965, Buthello Travels is amongst the oldest and largest bus operators in Mumbai. Experienced in Managing large fleets, we are the first Stage Carriage Bus Operator of India. With a fleet of over 500 buses, our proprietor Mr. Harold Buthello expanded operations across Maharashtra, Orissa & Chattisgarh.

Our in-house bus fabrication & workshops have experienced supervisory & maintenance staff.

The Highest Quality Vehicles In The Industry.

We are one of the biggest and oldest Stage Carrier Bus Operators from Mumbai boasting a fleet of over 500 buses ranging from 15 seater mini-bus to a large luxurious 54-seater AC bus. Suitable for all kinds of transportation solutions including corporate employee ferrying, family tours among, school bus & government contracting among others.